OMG. Us Magazine says that "Tiger Woods moved into a new apartment in downtown Manhattan over the weekend," according to a source. The gossip mag's website adds, "A witness saw Woods, 34, 'introducing himself as the new neighbor,' the source adds." But could Us Magazine be wrong?

For starters, Us Magazine doesn't even deign to offer up a neighborhood, let alone building, for where the golf superstar-turned-punchline might be living. Curbed suggested it could be the Superior Ink building in the West Village. Then CNBC's Darren Rovell Tweeted, "Time to start making up Tiger stories again. Story that he has picked a bachelor pad in NYC. Not true."

The temptations of NYC might be too much for him: He did tell reporters last week, "I'm trying to get, obviously, my game in order." His golf game, people—his other game is just fine.