The mother of Rachel Uchitel, the woman suspected of having an affair with Tiger Woods, told Newsday, "I think she has a very good heart, and that heart was broken on 9/11. She's had a very tough life... whatever direction she's gone off on may have been not good for her.. Underneath it there's a very sweet and wounded person from that experience."

Uchitel's fiance James Andrew O'Grady died on the World Trade Center and a photograph of Uchitel, holding a photo of O'Grady, was on the cover of the NY Post. Asked whether her daughter mentioned dating Woods, Uchitel's mother said, "We have purposely avoided that conversation."

Uchitel, who was previously a Bloomberg News producer and is now a NYC nightclub hostess, denies having an affair with the world-renowned golfer, but Daily Intel reports, "We've asked around, and the people we've talked to say she was definitely claiming to have slept with him. 'Rachel had told many friends of hers that she was sleeping with Tiger,' said one nightlife source who is friendly with her. 'She would subtly drop hints and sometimes talk about it openly.'"

As for Woods, who says that "malicious rumors" about what caused his "embarrassing" accident are false, he has not spoken to the Florida Highway Patrol about the car crash which left him unconscious. TMZ reports that the FHP wants a search warrant for his medical records as well as for video on his property, adding that, per an eyewitness account, "Tiger was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and no shoes. It's illegal in Florida to drive without shoes."