Another day, another passel of Tiger Woods-related news! The most recent development is that TMZ spotted a van taking boxes from the superstar golfer's Florida home, but it's unclear where the boxes are going, what's in the them, blah blah blah. More intriguing is that Woods' alleged fling Rachel Uchitel (the NYC nightclub hostess) is reportedly in talks with Playboy to pose nude. Extra!'s sources say that Uchitel "wants a lot of money." Of course. Uchitel also received an apology from The View because Joy Behar had joked "You-ca-tell she's a hooker."

Another woman who claims to have had a relationship with Woods is Jamie Jungers, who met him five years ago as Las Vegas cocktail waitress. Part of her interview with Meredith Vieira was aired on the Today Show —the full interview will be on Dateline tonight—and offered emotional responses like “I didn’t even get a birthday card. I got nothing out of this relationship but a broken heart" and "I mean, I’m not raised to do something like I did [date a married man], and I’m not saying it’s OK … [but] I had a crush on Tiger for many years. I was very excited and honored that he was interested in me."

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A Hollywood madam claims that Woods hired her girls—sometimes two at a time because "he liked girl-on-girl"—a few times. Michelle Braun also says that she once employed Jungers—which Jungers denies (the Post has her 1099 form, though)—though not as an escort for Woods. Braun said her girls told her “that he was just wild and a lot of fun. And that he was tough to keep up with — days a time, with just being a booze and sex bender."

Also, Jesse Shiedlower, editor at large for the Oxford English Dictionary, wants us to stop calling Tiger's women "mistresses" because mistress really connotes a serious, stable relationship. He thinks "hookup" would work.