NYC club girl Cori Rist, one of Tiger Woods' many alleged paramours, appeared on the Today Show this morning to say that she feels guilty that she's causing Woods' wife pain, adding, "I hate that I'm a part of it." However, she did go into details about her two-and-a-half-year relationship with the renowned golf player, saying he claimed to be unhappy in his marriage but was just staying because his wife was pregnant!

Rist says that she met Woods at a NYC club (the tabloids say Butter)—she was approached by someone who said, "Tiger Woods would like to meet you, and would you like to join us for a drink?" and she agreed because, "At the time there was nowhere else to sit, so we went over. He immediately told me a joke, broke the ice. It was very comfortable. He was funny, polite, and that just started the evening.” They allegedly met in various hotels and private residents in NY, “It was a long-distance relationship. Sometimes once a month, sometimes twice, sometimes not at all.” (Of course, these revelations are why her ex-husband thinks he has a good shot of getting custody of their 7-year-old son.)

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Woods allegedly asked her to join him in California, Dubai, and other far off places, but she kept declining—prompting him to say she didn't make enough time for him. Now, Jason "King of All Pimps" Itzler claims Rist worked for him as a prostitute. Another alleged lover, Jamie Jungers, says she was with Woods when his father died in 2006 and complained, "Tiger was always tight with money. When we'd go out for dinner, he never left a tip, or he'd ask for the meal to be complimentary because he was Tiger Woods. I just thought that was cheap, and it always embarrassed me."

The billionaire athlete has been keeping a very low-profile since the scandal broke, saying that he would take a break from golf on Friday. In the mean times, Consultancy Accenture has dropped him as their pitchman, Gillette is removing him from their ads at present and wife Elin Nordegren is allegedly considering a trial separation.