In an apparent attempt to convince New Yorkers that the Fifth Avenue Tiffany & Co. is still a viable destination for heart charm bracelets in this new fever dream reality, the high-end jeweler has switched out some boring, drab, utilitarian NYPD barriers in the shadow of Trump Tower for baby-blue branded ones.

A spokesman for Tiffany & Co. confirmed that the NYPD agreed to the switch last month. Tiffany & Co. brought in its own barriers to replace a few directly in front of the store entrance, and donned them with Tiffany logo slip covers on November 23rd. The result is a very on-brand passageway snaking around from 57th Street.

"Tiffany is in frequent communication with the New York Police Department and U.S. Secret Service regarding safety and security along the perimeter of our Fifth Avenue flagship," the spokesman said.

Not ideal, but Tiffany & Co. is making the best of it! From Women's Wear Daily:

To draw further attention that it’s business as usual inside the store, bellhops are stationed along the pathway, each wearing a standard-issue Tiffany-blue scarf, as well as uniform knit hats, neck warmers and gloves. In Thursday’s below-freezing weather, many grasped disposable hand-warming sachets.

Reached for comment on the apparent Winter 2016 NYPD x Tiffany & Co. collaboration, an NYPD spokesman said that the barriers themselves are not NYPD property. "Community Affairs has met with store owners in the area to alleviate any concerns they have in regarding security in the area," he wrote.

In a statement, Tiffany & Co. mentioned other attractions it hopes will convince shoppers to enter the epicenter of Manhattan's traffic hell scape. "Our iconic flagship store windows, which feature sparkling scenes of New York City at the holidays, are now on display for all to see," they promise. "Our façade has also been illuminated as planned."