2006_06_tiesha.jpgLast month, a young woman was killed by thieves in her boyfriend's Flatbush apartment, and it turned out her boyfriend was a pot dealer, making police wonder if the boyfriend had been the true target. The victim, Tiesha Sargeant, had grown up in Flatbush, went to a Manhattan private school on scholarship, graduated from Wesleyan, and worked at Conde Nast and most recently at CSFB, making her the pride of her family. Her father, Henry, spoke out about the murder to the Daily News, saying he believes that boyfriend Keeve Huggins has not been telling the truth. Sargeant is upset because Huggins was "vague" about the details of the day and Huggins' wavering on taking a plygraph test (the boyfriend had initially agreed to take a test and then backed out; his lawyer now says he will). The Sargeant family also refuses to let Huggins know where Tiesha is buried. Henry Sargeant expressed his family's sorrow:Her mother will never get over that he was dealing drugs out of a home he shared with our daughter. But [Tiesha] loved him, that was clear, and ironically seemed to feel safe with him. She always showed empathy for people who were on the so-called fringes of society. There was something good about her in that way, but it could have been her own undoing. She was the epitome of our life's work as parents, our gem, our yardstick for what we hoped would be the success of our family here. And now we are waiting for them to find who killed her.It's heartbreaking as is the the alleged account of what happened - that the robbers broke into the bedroom, threw Tiesha Sargeant and a sheet over Huggins, and then shot Sargeant.

Police are asking anyone with tips on the May 14 crime to call (800) 577-TIPS.