A trend far worse than $25,000 bottles of champagne has hit the Hamptons this season: Lyme disease.

Hospital visits as a result of tick bites have been on the rise in the region this year. One local physician told The Post that he treats 100 patients each week for Lyme disease.

To combat the issue, Southampton Hospital has started the Tick-Borne Disease Resource Center, a service created to educate the public about ticks and to diagnose and treat bites.

Although the Lyme disease trend really hit its peak this summer, the tick infestation of The Hamptons is not new. Last summer, North Haven Village Mayor Jeff Sander announced his plan for eradicating local deer to control ticks, and encouraged residents to apply for temporary hunting permits. This "4-Poster" program was eagerly agreed upon by North Haven Villagers, who were eager to get rid of the ticks "regardless of the cost." The plan was first suggested in 2012 and utilized on Shelter Island.

According to the CDC, most types of Lyme disease are treatable if diagnosed. Typical symptoms can include a fever, fatigue, a skin rash, and a headache.