It's been nearly two years since New York State banned texting-while-driving and two months since Governor Cuomo signed a stricter law that categorized texting as a "primary traffic offense," making it easier for the police to pull over drivers for texting (and especially—we hope—sexting). Not only does the offense carry a penalty of two points on a driving record and a $150 fine, it also causes worried drivers to send mistaken texts while trying to conceal their phones from the cops (which, obviously, causes actual accidents).

But the cops have their eyes peeled and are cracking down:

Police issued 1,082 tickets in August, the first full month after the new law took effect, up from an average of 427 per month from January through June, state records show.

"We were serious when this law passed. Texting while driving is illegal and the law is being enforced, so don’t do it," Cuomo said yesterday. “Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.”

Phones down, eyes up! Try your best to tame those restless thumbs—try tapping along to the radio instead.