The Daily News has decided its pet cause will be damning the city's ticketing blitz, and today's edition of "Tickets in the Lives of New Yorkers" is about how a woman got two tickets for speeding in two different locations but at the same time. It seems to defy all laws of nature (but perhaps not poorly synchronized police watches), but the Daily News reports:

Both summonses charged her with speeding on Prospect Expressway at 9:42 a.m. on May 15 - one for zooming by Church Ave., and the other for blowing past 11th Ave., about 1.2 miles apart.

Gross, 23, concedes she was speeding. But she doesn't think she deserved two tickets. "That's an impossible thing to do, to be speeding in two places at the very same minute," Gross said.

Daily News Cover, May 20, 2003Detective Joseph Cavitolo, a police spokesman, said it isn't impossible for a cop to issue multiple tickets to the same driver, each for a different offense.

601am suggests a revolt because the overticketing actually loses money for the city, as non-parking-related summonses are more costly to implement. Gothamist agrees, and thinks the police should focus less on milk crate tickets and more on actual crime. Speeding, though, in our book, that's a ticketable offense, but two tickets for the same time at different locations should be for twins or something.