This morning's low was 81 degrees, so it won't take much to warm up to the mid or possibly upper 90s this afternoon on what should be the last day of this heat wave. Clouds will start building up early this afternoon as a cold front approaches from the north. Sometime after that the showers and thunderstorms should begin. Everything is set for potentially heavy rains, gusty winds, and maybe a bit of hail from late this afternoon until after midnight.

Cloudy skies may hang out a while tomorrow as the rain that falls tonight evaporates back into the atmosphere. There's even a slight chance of showers tomorrow morning. It will be a bit cooler and drier. Thursday's high should be in the upper 80s. The real cool weather arrives on Friday. Tonight's cold front is going to stall not too far south of the city. A low pressure system is expected to move eastward along the front on Friday, giving us plenty of clouds, perhaps some rain, and an easterly breeze that will shockingly keep the temperature in the 70s. Our first cooler than normal day in more than three weeks!

The weekend weather is looking absolutely lovely. High pressure will chase Friday's gloom away and give us mostly clear skies with highs in the lower 80s on Saturday and maybe a couple degrees more on Sunday.