Cheyenne Jeudy's parents had been meticulously planning her $50,000 sweet sixteen birthday party for two years, but what they didn't plan for was the appearance of a group of drunken, unruly party crashers from a wedding reception held in another part of the catering hall. According to a lawsuit filed by Cheyenne's mother Denise, a NYC cop, the party turned ugly because Russo's on the Bay, a Howard Beach catering hall, didn't stop the party crashers from molesting young girls at the Sweet 16, nor from beating up her nephew outside.

Cheyenne, a cheerleader at Lawrence High School on Long Island who plans to join the NYPD, tells the Post, "They [the party crashers] were drunk. They were feeling my friends up while they were dancing, pulling them down on the floor with liquor in their hands. I was embarrassed. I was pissed off." The party, held in the bridal suite, featured choreographed dancing, traditional Carnival outfits from Trinidad, limousines, tuxedos for Denise's three sons and an ivory gown with a train for Cheyenne's grand entrance. Denise explains, "She's the only daughter I have. This is our princess."

Like most princesses these days, Cheyenne maintains a Twitter account, and recent updates include such gems as, "went too burger kiing & dhiss biitch asked mee how much ketchupsz doo ii wantt? liike wtf biitch jusz throw iit iin the bagg lmfaoo smh=)." Four men were arrested on assault and weapons charges after the July 2008 incident and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. The lawsuit, filed earlier this month, demands several million dollars from each of the men, as well as compensation from Russo's for not providing adequate security.