It was just a normal Saturday for Officer Feris Jones, who was off duty from working in a crime lab in an NYPD office in Jamaica and getting her hair done in a Bed-Stuy salon. That is, until an armed thug burst into the salon and demanded money. Jones confronted the man, identifying herself as a cop and asking him to drop his weapon. Instead, he began firing shots around the salon, so Jones was forced to return fire.

She shot twice and hit the man at least once before he fled. Police followed the blood trail to the Lafayette Gardens housing project, and suspect 19-year-old Winston Cox of the robbery attempt. However, no arrests have been made. Police are also investigating the possible presence of an accomplice in the robbery attempt; a woman allegedly asked about prices just before Cox entered, and held the door for him. The door to the salon is usually kept locked.

Neighbors say there has been more crime in the area recently. One lounge owner told the Daily News, "I begged the cops to have more of a presence here. Too many businesses have been robbed and people are fed up."