If you come across any babies on the street, just hanging out, they may be there because the wheels of their stroller have broken off, stranding them. The Post reports trouble with the MacLaren Techno XT, which retails for $290. While Gothamist does not have kids and is only familiar with babies because we make silly faces at them on the street, eliciting disturbed looks from their parents, we do know that the MacLaren is one of the more high-end baby strollers out there, sort of a BMW (we consider those fancy perambulators to be like Rolls-Royces; Graco strollers are midrange, like a Ford). And speaking of Fords, some parents are comparing the Techno XT to the Ford Pinto. Whatever - the Ford Pinto didn't have a 4-position fully-reclining seat for sitting, napping or snacks on the go or a concealed mobile phone pocket. In the grand manner of giving away our get-rich schemes for free, Gothamist thinks there's a business is being on call to fix baby strollers.

The Post notes that celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Connelly and Catherine Zeta-Jones have MacLaren strollers. For more about celebrities and their babies, check out Celebrity Baby Blog and learn that celebrity husbands are just like regular ones - they want their wives to lose that baby fat - but they just have more money. And look at the hot strollers that the hip mommies and daddies get at daddytypes.com.