2007_12_threemen.jpgIn spite of the presence of a new governor, Albany politics has been as insanely frustrating as usual. And the NY Sun's year-end interviews with the top three lawmakers - Governor Eliot Spitzer, State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, and Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver - demonstrate why pretty much everyone sighs when they think of the capitol and state politicians.

  • Bruno, the lone Republican, tells the Sun that Silver needs to deals with insults better, "Since when did Shelly get so sensitive? He's got a hide like a rhinoceros for Christ's sakes." He also painted the governor as a bully and Silver as ineffective, "[Spitzer] has threatened my life in terms of my existence, personally, calls me a senile old s—, and he's going to knock me down and knock me out. And then Shelly, the wimp, sits there doing nothing and thanks the good lord that it's not him that Spitzer's aimed at."
  • During his turn (it's too bad the Sun couldn't get these three in for a group interview), Silver "I really shouldn't dignify anything that he says with a response," and said that Bruno "wants it his way, and he goes off stomping and screaming and name-calling if he can't get his way. He just doesn't want to admit that some people know as much as he knows."
  • Spitzer, who seemingly has nowhere to go but up, sounded like a reasonable guy, telling the Sun, "People will forget the screaming and shouting, 99% of which is silliness. What matters in the long term is the substance. That's what gives me comfort."

What would actually give us comfort is that these knuckleheads throw out at least 50% of the politics to actually get some work done. But if they won't do that, we'll settle for excellent soundbites like "Listen, I'm a f---ing steamroller, and I'll roll over you and anybody else!"