A 15-year-old girl, a 12-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy were taken into custody for allegedly beating Asian women in five separate Lower East Side attacks. WCBS 2 reports that their parents brought them to the 7th Precinct: "A video police released earlier Friday was the break in the case: yes, someone who recognized the teenagers contacted police, and that someone were the parents."

Police classified the attacks as hate crimes, because all the victims, ages 50-71, were Asian. The youths did not rob the victims; three females beat the victims while two males would watch. The three suspects in custody will be in Family Court this morning while the two others are still being sought. City Councilwoman Margaret Chin (D) said, "We know that a lot of seniors are vulnerable, they're frightened to come forward. We encourage them and their neighbors if they saw anything, if they have any information, to come forward and not to be afraid if there's any immigrant status issue."

One resident told WCBS 2, "It's weird - this neighborhood is quiet. The Hasids, the Spanish, the Asians, the blacks, we all live quietly here. They don't really have a problem," while another said to the Post, "Things are bad and they are just going to keep getting worse. These kids are running amok out here... It reminds me of the bad old days."