It's time to get back to NYC stories that have nothing to do with voting machines. Like how a three year-old showed up with three $20 bags of coke at her Head Start class in the Bronx. Police believe the girl's mother's boyfriend stashed the drugs in her faux-rabbit fur jacket. The police questioned the girl's mother and boyfriend, and later arrested the boyfriend, but the mom says the drugs were probably when the grandmother bought the jacket from a thrift store. Note to thrift store consumers: Check those pockets! The three year-old's teacher found the packets when the little girl took a deck of cards out of her pockets. Parents of other students were shocked. One told the Daily News, "[The boyfriend] should be put away for good. What if a kid got hold of it and he thought it was Halloween candy?" Yeah, candy or special chalk dust.

Sometimes adults love to use their kids' belongings as hiding places for their drugs. Like the dad who hid pot in his son's shoe.