Siena College released poll numbers for various NY election races yesterday. In the wackiest race of all - the Attorney General race between Democrat Andrew Cuomo and Republican Jeanine Pirro - it looks like the embattled Pirro is gaining slightly on Cuomo. Cuomo now leads by 13 points, 50 to Pirro's 37, but a month ago, Cuomo led by 17 points. But it's not like voters are suddenly switching sides - Cuomo's numbers went down as more people joined the undecided voters. So, it still doesn't seem like the scandal has hurt Pirro very much, but it's still unclear if it's helped her. We're curious about a post-debate poll, after Sunday's wild ride. Cuomo and Pirro are debating for the last time (awww) this morning in Rochester - we hope that Room Eight's LunchBox tackles that debate too, because yesterday's LunchBox on Sunday's debate was perfect.

In other polls, Democrat Eliot Spitzer leads Republican John Faso by 46 points in the gubernatorial race; Siena's Steven Greenberg says, “Although there are still three weeks until Election Day, John Faso is going to need to complete a ‘Hail Mary’ pass everyday and close the gap by 15 points every week just to make it close." And Hillary Clinton leads Republican John Spencer in the Senate race by 27 points - she has a 15 point lead downstate, a 19 point lead upstate and a whopping 50 point lead in NYC.