true_color_328.jpgWhat was the name of that band that did the "Three Strange Days" song in the early-90s? Didn't they have "fish" in their name? The song came to Gothamist's mind as we were walking across town this morning thinking that New York is in for three days of beautiful weather. If you like sunny, warm spring days the rest of the week is for you. Depending on who you trust, today will be sunny and near 60 or sunny, with a high near 65. Tomorrow and Friday: Sunny, high in the mid-60s.

April will be ushered in by showers on Saturday. It probably won't be enough to interfere with your plans and it certainly won't be enough to end our dry spell. So far this month only 0.80 inches of precipitation has been measured in Central Park. If we do not get a tenth of an inch of rain by midnight Friday, and that is not expected, this month will go down as the driest March in Central Park since precipitation measurements began there in 1869.

Something to look forward to: Next week is Severe Weather Awareness Week. Another sure sign of spring!

Yesterday's true color, that's snow in the Adirondacks, satellite image from the Naval Research Laboratory.