Yesterday, we asked you to send in stories of your Hurricane Sandy heroes—the people who have been quietly giving their all to aid those who have suffered so much during the storm and its aftermath. Today, we're happy to bring you three such stories submitted by tipsters. If you have a story of a Hurricane hero, please send it (and any photos) to, and we'll feature more of these stories later this week.

This one comes via Kristin Bagby:

Married, parents-to-be and Gowanus residents, Walter Meyer and Jennifer Bolstad, are going above and beyond in helping the clean-up. Both are regular surfers at Rockaway Beach and have been making daily trips to the Rockaway Peninsula to bring supplies and help with the clean-up. Yesterday, they brought solar charging equipment and today they've even gotten a truckload of green cleaning supplies...They are the best friends anyone could ask for and they are really working their tails off to help those in need.

This one comes from a Manhattan reader:

The M15 bus driver I had yesterday is my Hurricane Hero. She didn't show up with a truck full of anything (although in all fairness, she did have a bus full of people). But as tired, frustrated New Yorkers shoved their way onto her bus, and tensions ran high, she got on the loudspeaker and told everyone in a soothing, Barry White (but female) type of voice, "Don't get upset. Just enjoy the ride. It's free!" And you just heard a collective deep breath and even a couple of chuckles as we headed toward SoPo.

Rob Clarke from Long Island sent in Vanessa Adams Pierce, a mother of two (both under 3 years of age) who has been making Target runs for everything from blankets and coats to diapers for her neighbors and other locals. "She was spending her own money until asking for donations," Clarke noted. "My wife told her she was amazing and she replied 'Eh, at least with my donations I don't have to pay salaries so 100% of the $ can go to the people who need it. And I need to help or I'll go nuts. Too many stories.'"