Three people have been arrested for a series of muggings and beatings in Riverside Park this month. According to the News, Christian Torres, 22, Kevin Watt, 19, and Carlos Rivera, 18, were all arrested this week and hit with various charges including robbery, assault, grand larceny and possession of stolen property.

The three men, along with a fourth as-yet unidentified suspect, are accused of beating a 58-year-old homeless man near W. 66th Street at about 10:30 p.m. on Nov. 6th. At some point, the men threw the victim onto the rocks next to the Hudson River: "His face was bloodied, his hands scraped raw and he was visibly shaking and seemed quite disoriented," a tipster told West Side Rag. He suffered a broken leg and and cuts to the face.

The three men are also accused of jumping a 21-year-old man who was walking through the park that same day. They allegedly put a bag over the victim's head, beat him, and stolen his wallet, book bag, laptop and cellphone. That victim, who had been returning home from John Jay College, was treated at Weill Cornell.

Detective Ronald Bronaugh described the incident, via West Side Rag:

I am informed by a person known to me that four people surrounded the informant, and that the informant was struck in the head with a large stone by one of the four people. I am further informed by the informant that the informant was then kicked and punched by all four people. I am further informed by the informant that the four people took property from the informant’s person, including a cell phone, laptop, credit card, and identification card. I am further informed by the informant that the informant suffered Bleeding to the brain, a broken nose, facial fractures and a large open wound to the back of the head requiring fifteen (15) or more stitches.

I further state that defendants Watt and Torres stated to me that each was present when the above-actions occurred. I further state that I reviewed surveillance video from near the above location, which shows defendants Watt and Torres near the above-location.