Late last night, three people died in a two-car crash on Pine Hollow Road in Oyster Bay. According to WCBS 2, some witnesses say that one of the cars was being chased by the police: "Nassau cops confirmed that three were left dead after the crash, but would not confirm a chase did take place."

One witness said, "The car came by probably doing 100 with like six cop cars behind it and crashed down there into a jeep. It was just out of nowhere. You hear sirens, sirens, sirens, you see it coming flying by then all of a sudden you her a bang and just car parts everywhere." Another offered, "All of a sudden we just heard a big noise, we turned our heads, we saw a car flip over, we heard the big bang. We didn't know what the heck was going on, but before we heard everything going on, we did hear sirens. So that means they were obviously being chased."

MyFoxNY reports that the car being chased lost control, flipped and slammed into" the SUV. Family members said the victims in the SUV were cousins, Jose Suaza, 17 and Israel Maldonado, 23.