Kids do the darndest drugs! Salvia, synthetic marijuana, bath salts. And now they are smoking incense? Over the weekend three people in Rockland County were taken to the hospital after having adverse responses from smoking a legal novelty incense called AM-HI-CO Atomic Bomb.

The first bad reaction came on Saturday night when a 19-year-old from Wisconsin went into convulsions in the garage at Palisades Mall. According to his friends he had been smoking the Atomic Bomb. When police arrived he was unresponsive and having difficulty breathing, and the young man was taken to the ICU at the Nyack Hospital. As of yesterday he was still there.

Then on Sunday police responding to a 911 hangup call in New City found two women, aged 19 and 20, inside a house in a daze. "One of the women was conscious, breathing and speaking but could not move her body. The second woman was feeling dizzy and was slightly disorientated." They too had been smoking Atomic and were taken to the Nyack Hospital. They were released later.

All three apparently bought their Atomic from the same tobacco kiosk outside of a McDonald's at the Palisades Mall where the owner promises they were warned not to smoke the stuff. Is this a new trend? "This is the first time we are seeing this," Clarkstown Detective Sgt. Tim O'Neill said. "We don't know how widespread it is."

Now, let's be clear: Smoking incense isn't illegal—it's just stupid. Especially as the package for the incense clearly states on the front "Novelty Collection Item" and the instructions on the packaging state not "to consume, ingest, imbibe or burn the contents, and if the contents is burned, not to inhale the smoke."