Police believe the rooftop shooter responsible for sending a bullet through bread deliveryman Jorge Martinez's head on Saturday night may not have been working alone. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told reporters police have determined"that three guns were used." Police found 22 shell casings on nearby rooftops, all of which came from 9-mm. handguns.

Though police say the shooting seemed to be random, they have yet to determine whether the shooters were targeting Martinez or whether they were just testing their guns. Police are currently questioning eight suspects in the shooting. All the suspects are from the Marlboro houses in Gravesend and were arrested on unrelated warrants, and residents say the 7th floor apartment of the building was known for having drug using inhabitants. It was also a scene of a party at the time of the shooting, but police have not determined if any of the suspects live in that apartment.

Police initially believed the shooter was practicing with his gun, and aimed at random targets. But one cop said, "If he had no problem shooting at cars like that, he's the kind of guy that doesn't care about human life."