At West Third and Thompson Streets, a man was shot twice around 11PM on Friday night - prime barhopping time. Reports say a dispute began at the restaurant where the victim worked, which seemed to be Negril from the TV reports we saw. Police say the gunman disappeared into crowded Washington Square Park, and the victim "sought refuge" at bar, The Dove. Apparently the gunman was a frequent customer. The victim is recovering at St. Vincent's.

An off-duty police officer and another patron of Cordato's at Rector and Greenwich got into an argument and the off-duty cop pulled out his gun. The other man pushed it away and the gun ended up going off and shooting him in the leg. Officer Bernard Marti was arrested and suspended without pay for 30 days.

And two staffers at The Source magazine were charged with attempted murder, after a triple shooting on Friday night on West 23rd Street. It turns out that the general manager and a salesman at The Source were arguing with a rapper, his cousin, and a busboy over "whether or not a rap CD would be played." Yeah, it's kind of crazy. Leroy "Bum" Peeples and Alvin Childs apparently shot rapper Orlando Orenga in the head, his cousin in the arm and leg and the busboy in the torso; they were apprehended carrying a Glock and 9mm gun.