A member of the Hells Angels was found dead on 28th street and Ditmars Boulevard Saturday morning, with several gunshot wounds to his head and bloody footprints where his face had been stomped in. "It looked like a cherry pie," one local told the Post. The "execution-style" shooting happened around 5 a.m., and witnesses say the killer repeatedly kicked victim John Giampetruzzi as he lay on the ground. The shooting was the latest in a series of unrelated killings in the borough over Friday night.

Around 10:40 p.m. on Friday, police found a woman's body in an alley in St. Albans, with ligature marks on her wrists suggesting she had previously been tied up. She also had a punctured liver, several broken ribs and a broken jaw. Her death was ruled as a homicide, and the ME said she died of internal bleeding.

Hours later, a man was beaten to death with a chain and a leather belt outside a bar in Corona. Police say Juan Paucar, 24, and Brandon Perez, 23, chased Mexican immigrant Jose Cortes from La Nortena on Roosevelt Avenue, catching up with him a block later, beating him to death on the street. Paucar and Perez were charged with manslaughter and possession of a weapon.

Though these deaths have not yet been factored in, the latest NYPD statistics (through 7/11) say murder is up 16.7% in Queens North and 25% in Queens South. Overall crime is down 2% in the north, but up .5% in the south.