Police arrested three people for allegedly forcing a woman to perform oral sex on them on a street in Jamaica, Queens earlier this week. Investigators are still searching for a fourth person.

The victim, 50, said she had been walking from her church on Liberty Avenue near 150th Street on Tuesday night when she was approached by two men who threatened her with a gun. They "led her to another location a short distance away, where they were joined by two other males. The suspects then ordered the woman to remove her clothing and one of the suspects removed the content of the victim's purse. Three of the four suspects sexually assaulted the victim before fleeing the scene," according to the NYPD.

Surveillance video from the scene reportedly led police to arrest Brandon Walker, 20; Julisses Ginel, 19; and a 17-year-old. Walker was charged with a criminal sex act, sex abuse, robbery, criminal use of a firearm and menacing, as was the 17-year-old. Ginel was charged with a criminal sex act, sex abuse, robbery and criminal use of a firearm.

Police sources told the Daily News that officers "recovered at least one condom behind a garbage truck and were processing it for DNA."

NBC New York reports, "The desperate woman screamed out a falsehood, 'I'm HIV positive! You can't,' which likely kept her from being raped, according to pastor Kehinde Oyetunde" of the Celestial Church of Christ.

The victim ran back to the church after the attack, Oyetunde's wife told WCBS 2 , "She was just crying like a baby. We couldn’t control her because she said she has never had that kind of experience before."

After learning about the arrests, Pastor Oyetunde was relieved, but added to the News, "This is the devil’s work. They need to be in prison and get the counseling they need to turn their lives around."