A brawl broke out on a Brooklyn street Monday afternoon after a FedEx driver allegedly struck a person in a funeral procession. Two FedEx employees, including the driver, were arrested, as was one of the mourners.

Around 1 p.m., mourners were outside the Beit El-Maqdis Islamic Center in Sunset Park when a Fed Ex truck driver struck a 46-year-old man in the group. According to NBC New York, the truck driver was backing up on Sixth Avenue by 63rd Street when he hit the pedestrian.

Cellphone video allegedly shows the truck driver "clipping" the man. Mosque board member Naim Jawad said the driver "appeared to be impatient because [of] so many people. He kept moving and he hit one of the members that was crossing the street."

Immediately following the collision, outraged mourners reportedly blocked the truck and the FedEx driver and another employee left the vehicle to confront the crowd. Police say that during the melee, the truck driver, Andrew Blount, had a knife or a box cutter and cut a 56-year-old mourner's hand, while his colleague, Omar Lindsay, took out a fire extinguisher and used it to hit a mourner. Both were arrested and charged with felony assault, the Daily News reports.

Abdel Hamid Abdelquadus, a 23-year-old mourner, was arrested for allegedly punching one of the employees. He is reportedly charged with misdemeanor assault.

The unnamed individual who was struck by the driver sustained "minor injuries" according to the News, and two people injured in the fight were treated at NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn.

Jawad, the mosque board member, said at a press conference on Tuesday, "As professionals, all they had to do was close the doors, sit in the car and wait until the police arrived. They hit a member. They hit a congregant and everybody was in a bereavement state of mind."

FedEx said, "We are aware of preliminary reports regarding this disturbing incident and are cooperating with investigating authorities to determine the facts. Until then, further questions should be directed to local law enforcement."