2007_11_mlfire.jpgOver a hundred firefighters responded to a three-alarm fire at 80 Pine Street in Lower Manhattan last night. The fire broke out on the 29th floor, where money management firm Tullett & Tokyo has offices.

It's unclear what started the fire, but around 12:30AM, flames were "shooting out of the windows" according to WABC 7. Glass fell onto Maiden Lane, narrowly missing pedestrians. The FDNY closed down the street and was able to put out the fire after an hour. Out of the 130 firefighters, eight suffered minor injuries.

A spokesperson said Tullett & Tokyo's business would not be impacted by the fire. Back in 1995, Tullett & Tokyo signed a 15-year, $35 million lease to stay at 80 Pine Street, taking advantage of a $2.2 million, 16-year tax incentive from NYC designed by the Giuliani administration.