2008_12_bhcake2.jpgThe saga of Baby Adolf Hitler Campbell continues! Outrage over a NJ family's, uh, outrage that ShopRite refused to inscribe a cake with "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler"—for 3-year-old Adolf—has sparked more bad ideas. Police say that a death threat was sent to the wrong recipient: Melanie Campbell, not related to Heath and Deborah Campbell (pictured) who did name their son Adolf Hitler, got a letter saying "Your hateful thoughts will cause your death and the deaths of your children. You will not be able to prevent this, you will not know when it will happen, you will not know how it will happen. Your children will die. You will all end up like your Nazi friends: dead." Melanie Campbell, who may have received the letter because her daughter Heather is listed in the phone book as "H. Campbell," said, "My family won't come here for the holidays now." People, fighting ignorance with violence? Time for some 2009 resolutions stat.