2006_11_mmworld.jpgThe new M&M's World store planned for Times Square won't be lacking for future employees. The Mars Retail Group's ad that proclaimed "on the spot hiring" as well as a $10.75 hourly wage (not to mention benefits) attracted thousands of people, causing a huge crowd on Eighth Avenue at 35th Street. The company advertised that 65 full-time and 135 part-time jobs would be available.

Police arrived, some on horses, to monitor the group that grew frustrated with the long waits and the ultimate news that the interviews were cancelled and that job applications should be mailed in. Mars spokesperson Phil Levine told the Daily News, "We expected a few hundred people to show up and we got 5,000. We expected a good response, but nothing of this magnitude."

From the NY Times

Tamika Jones, 28, a Brooklyn mother of three school-age children, looked at the faces of other disappointed job-seekers and said: “This is what unemployment looks like in New York City. I wanted to cry.”

Alphonzo Puzie, 31, from the Bronx, used to work in a laundry and is desperate for work. “I was very disappointed,” he said. “It burns the spirit.”

Many had arranged for baby sitters, traveled from other boroughs and New Jersey, and lined up as early as 1 a.m., only to be told eventually that there were no more jobs being offered that day.

From the Daily News
"I'm mad because I came all the way from Queens - the last stop on the A train," said a disgusted Andre Headley, 22, of Far Rockaway. "This line ain't moved since I got here."

"They did a terrible job," added David Evans, 20, who lives in a Harlem homeless shelter. "I'm risking getting kicked out on the street if I don't get that job."

Instead of letting in job seekers, security guards handed out applications and several scuffles broke out. Four summonses were issued for disorderly conduct, and one person was treated at the scene for an asthma attack, police reported.

A couple of enterprising men ran across the street to the Kinko's and ran off copies of their applications which they peddled for as much as $5 a piece.

The NY Times also made this observation: "The crowd put a human face on jobless statistics at a time when the city’s unemployment rate, 4.5 percent in September, was the lowest since 1988."

The M&M's World will open at Broadway and 48th Street - near the Hershey's Store.