Yesterday, tens of thousands of Jews visited the gravesite of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, who led the Lubavitch movement until his death in 1994. While Schneerson died on June 12, 1994, NY1 explains that last night "marked the 15th anniversary of his death on the Jewish calendar." According to WCBS 2, "The wait times lasted up to four hours as groups of 80 filed in to a small space to feel close to the late Schneerson"; a visitor from Miami Beach said, "It's inspirational. It's dynamic. You feel the energy of the rebbe there and it just feels amazing." Another person traveled from Paris with his 13-year-old son; Levy Daniel told the Daily News that they "spent the night there in his rental car. 'I said to my family, I don't need a place to stay,' Daniel, 43, said. 'I just need to be near the grave.'"