The fight to save the G train five continues! Today the Working Parties Family, along with pols like Comptroller John Liu, showed up at the MTA's headquarters to drop off a petition to save the G train extension into Church Avenue. 11,000+ signatures can't hurt the cause, right?

"After years of fare hikes and cut backs, the G train extension was one of the best decisions the MTA has made," WFP Executive Director Dan Cantor said today regarding the relationship-saving extra train stops. "We think New Yorkers deserve more transit, not less." The WFP decided to drop off the petition today in particular as "part of a national day of action on transit issues" in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated on this day. "King argued that transit is a civil rights issue, because it could connect the poor to jobs."

Though as far as the MTA is concerned no decision on the extension has been made yet (and won't be until the Culver Viaduct project is over in a year), we'd like to think the nonstop pressure from pols and straphangers so far in advance has to be good for something. The MTA is rarely praised for anything these days and to take away one of the few good things they've done would not exactly be a smart PR move. Still, to add your name to the cause, click here.