Thousands of New Yorkers have gathered for a fourth consecutive day of anti-Donald Trump protests. For the second time this week, protesters have marched to Trump Tower from Union Square.

The Trump Is Not My President march kicked off today at noon in Union Square Park, and although protesters were expected to begin marching uptown towards Trump Tower around 2 p.m., they began to mobilize early, leaving Union Square around 12:30 p.m.

Although some protesters have already reached Trump Tower—or at least, have gotten as close as police will allow—more are marching up Fifth Avenue. During the initial march uptown, police on scooters surrounded protesters on both sides. According to one attendee, one brief stretch of the protest had been reduced to "pretty much a parade" by police keeping protesters in one lane. Other photos from the march show protesters having taken entire swaths of the street.

Few clashes between protesters and police have been reported, but one woman was allegedly pushed by an officer for standing in front of a police scooter.

The protest is largely peaceful, but has been crashed by at least one Trump supporter who is reportedly pretending to hump women in the crowd.

Chants include "He cant build the wall, his hands are too small!" and "Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Donald Trump, go away." Protesters are handing out safety pins, some have adopted as a symbol of solidarity, for attendees to wear.

Protesters made it clear that they weren't just marching against a Trump presidency, but also against the system that facilitated his rise to power.

"We need to dismantle the whole system, and Hillary was not our saving grace," Michael Anzoni, 25, told Gothamist. "This is a call to action. Fuck white patriarchy."

Police have set up barriers near Trump Tower to prevent protesters from reaching the front of the building, between 56th Street and 57th Street. A small group of protesters has begun to form at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, and police say this splinter group is growing.

According to the Telegraph, Nigel Farage is currently meeting with Trump at Trump Tower. Michael Moore was in the building earlier, requesting a meeting with Trump.

On Thursday, Trump said that the protesters had been “incited by the media” and suggested they may be paid professionals, echoing conspiracy theorist claims that George Soros was paying protesters to organize against him.

Additional reporting by Rebecca Fishbein