Last night, Democratic mayoral hopefuls City Comptroller Bill Thompson and City Councilman Tony Avella went head to head during a debate that aired on NY1. Only their main target was Mayor Bloomberg, the now-Independent (who is also on the Republican ticket); Thompson railed, "For the last eight years we have had a Republican mayor, Mike Bloomberg, who has focused on Wall Street, big developers and the wealthy. From jobs to housing to education, we need to go down a different path in this city," while Avella said, "The people of this city twice voted for term limits. The message could not have been clearer. And the arrogance, I'm sorry the arrogance of Billionaire Mike Bloomberg to think he's so important that he could overturn the term limits law, I think is disgraceful. I think he should be turned out for that reason alone."

While Thompson slammed Bloomberg for his incredible campaign spending, Avella questioned Thompson's acceptance of donations from pension fund managers that do business with the city. Avella said he would stop the NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy while Thompson said it was an effective tool. The NY Times reports that the candidates did have some issues with questions, "Mr. Thompson hesitated when asked whether the city should name a subway station or street after Michael Jackson. Yes, he finally said. (Mr. Avella said yes, too.) Mr. Avella, meanwhile, agonized over whether he would support Gov. David A. Paterson next year in an election. In a primary, he finally said, no. Mr. Thompson wasted no time in saying yes."

The Daily News points out that both candidate acknowledged Bloomberg was a better mayor than Rudy Giuliani. The Democratic primary is on September 15.