Sure, some people really dig lining up for deals for Black Friday but this year at least it seems the best deals have been saved for those who wait until the last minute. Left and right stores are marking down whole sections, and sometimes even the whole store, anywhere from 40 percent (Abercrombie & Fitch) to 50 percent (Toys R Us) to 60 percent (Gap). Procrastinators win!

In the annual game of shopping chicken between retailers and shoppers, it appears that this year the former misjudged how much the latter was willing to spend. So they now have too much inventory to burn, burn, burn which means deals, deals, deals for the rest of us. The thing is, stores are more likely to sell stuff before Christmas, when people are at least walking around and window shopping, then they are after. "Whatever the margin is today, it’s that much lower next week and the week after when traffic stops," one CEO of a retailer explained to the Times.

And it isn't just deals that stores are trying, they're also trying to wring every last holiday shopping minute out of the day with stores like Macy's offering 24-hour shopping in the days leading up to Christmas. Because there is nothing like drunk buying your family members argyle socks after the bars close, y'know?

Seriously though, the massive markdowns have at least been good for us in the past week as we finally got around to holiday shopping—but what about you? Have you found any insaaaaaane deals? Share 'em in the comments.