Today, Bloomberg news releases the shocking news that it's freaking expensive to get out of town during Thanksgiving, which is not news to anyone who's ever heard their parents say, "Of course you don't have to come home; hopefully Grandma Tilly will live long enough to see you next year."

Passengers are paying an average of six percent more around Thanksgiving, and even though less people are actually traveling, airlines are getting greedy smart by reducing their available seats to maintain pricing power. “It’s such a drag how around the holidays you are at the mercy of the airlines,” one NYU student originally from San Francisco told Bloomberg. She booked her flight home this week in July, and it'll be a tight squeeze when she gets on board: “Sardines would probably be less packed,” CEO Rick Seaney said. “People will be carrying everything they can.”

While FareCompare does have some tips and tricks on shopping for holiday airfare, Seaney knows that you're still pretty much at the mercy of the industry. “Unfortunately it’s like a game of Monopoly, and at the holidays, the airline owns Boardwalk and Park Place,” he said. And this year airlines are chafing under skyrocketing jet fuel prices, which averaged about $3.06 a gallon last quarter, 45 percent higher than a year earlier, Bloomberg reports.

Combine all of the above with the fact that the three NYC-area airports still have some of the worst delays in the country, and you might as well just stay home and shovel down a microwaveable turkey dinner.