Some weather forecasts are easier than others, and this weekend's forecast is about as easy as it gets. Surface high pressure moving in from the west supported by a ridge of high pressure above points to a warm, sunny weekend. This morning's clouds will quickly disappear once the humid air near the ground mixes with the bone dry air above. By this afternoon we should warm to a sunny 85 degrees, which is one degree warmer than normal.

A full day of sunshine tomorrow should edge Saturday's high toward the upper 80s. The wind will start coming out of the southwest by Sunday, bringing the high close to 90 degrees and raising the humidity levels slightly.

The easy weekend forecast becomes an unsettled muggy mess next week. Much like what happened earlier this week, a warm front is expected to pass through town Monday night followed by a cold front that will probably stall somewhere not too far south of the city on Tuesday. The result is a chance of showers and thunderstorms starting on Monday and lasting pretty much all of next week. Afternoon highs will be in the mid 80s, morning lows in the lower 70s, and enough humidity to sap the will to live.