That was quite the vigorous cold front that roared through town this weekend. After reaching an unseasonably warm high of 77 degrees Saturday afternoon, the temperature more or less dropped continuously until early this morning. As it typically does, the dew point also plunged after the front's arrival, recovering a bit yesterday to give us a drizzly gray Sunday. The reason for the dew point's recovery is the reason why the next day or so will be rainy. A low pressure system is forming off the coast and it is pushing up against the high pressure system that followed the front.

Look for the clouds to get thicker as the day goes on, with a slight chance of rain later this afternoon. The temperature isn't going to budge from the mid 50s. Rain is more likely overnight as the low gets closer to the city. High pressure is expected to push back tomorrow afternoon, ending the rain and perhaps giving us a bit of sun. If the sun comes out, Tuesday's high should reach the lower 60s.

As summer's warmth fades away and the temperature difference between the tropics and the Arctic increases, the atmosphere's circulation gets more energetic, hence another cold front late Wednesday followed by a weaker front on Friday. There might be a few showers associated with the first front but Friday's passage currently looks dry. Look for clear skies with highs in the mid 60s on Thursday and Friday with slightly cooler weather on Saturday.