Let's first get out of the way that this video is from August of 2014, but does the fact that it's ancient by Internet standards make it any less compelling? Having seen Otters Holding Hands, you know the answer to that question is a resounding "no."

The opening shot finds the pigeon pinned in an uncompromising half nelson, its odds of a comeback increasingly slim with each passing second. Ignore the narration of Chad, who should be expending his energy learning how to flip the phone sideways instead of speaking...ever. "The rat's going to eat the pigeon?" asks Chad 1. "Fuck yeah," replies Chad 2. "Do rats eat pigeons?" Rats eat everything, Chad.

"I've definitely seen bigger rats," a Chad states matter-of-factly. Chad's a worldly dude. He went to Penn State.

Is this a metaphor, with Chad as the rat and the credibility of Williamsburg as the pigeon? In an alternate ending where the pigeon won, would it be the New Jersey Devil? Or is it just a stupid video, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing?

[h/t RatterGawker]