2005_11_sfc.jpgDid Gothamist say it was going to rain yesterday? We saw sprinkles! Okay, that forecast was a bust. Later today, though, we'll see some rain. Yes indeedy the same storm that brought nearly three dozen tornadoes across the Midwest and FREAKED out Chicagoist with the threat of snow is headed our way today. Before it gets here we should enjoy near-record high temperatures across the region.

The storm is the real deal heralder of fall. Later this afternoon, weather.com says around 3-4 p.m., showers and possibly thunderstorms should arrive. The rain will be accompanied by gusty winds and much cooler air. Dress warm if you're going out tonight. Hell, dress warm for the rest of the month, the warm weather is gone for the foreseeable future.

While our forecast for yesterday may not have been so great, what did the Old Farmer's Almanac say? "November 12-16: Sunny, seasonable. Nov 17-22: Rain, then sunny; mild." Other than the rain not too accurate. Gothamist was amused to see that one meteorologist had verified the almanac's forecasts for last year. Not too good. We hope that's not a surprise to anyone. While we're a big fan of the almanac (where else are you going to learn that Silly Putty was invented by someone at GE?), we also know that their weather forecasts are a bunch of hooey.