A little F-train subway derailment was just the tip of the Sixth Avenue subway iceberg yesterday, with fires starting along the line as well. There was a fire at West 4th Street in the early afternoon, then smoke wafted through the system, affecting the B/D/F/Q and A/C/E lines. The NY Times reports that the reports of smoke "led to confusion throughout the system," not to mention delays. The FDNY says the third rail was the problem, with the issues ending when the power was shut off. It seems like hundreds of feet of the third rail "had fallen onto the track, behind the test train [which was heading to where the derailment was at 34th street and had no passengers on it], causing explosions." What? That just sounds totally insane. Thank goodness for test trains, we think. Luckily, there were no major injuries, and the FDNY, MTA employees, and commuters were credited being calm.

Were you screwed by the subway fire? How smoky was it? Gothamist saw tons of fire trucks at Broadway and Lafayette - a pretty crazy scene.