2005_12_snow06.jpgLast night's/this morning's snow left another dusting that makes everything so pretty to look at but another story to trudge through. Considering how much forecasters were worrying us, the snow is actually anti-climactic here in the city, with an inch or so, which is easy for the city's 350 salt spreaders, 1,400 plows and 2,000 workers (stats from Newsday). The Mayor was freaked out enough to urge commuters to take subways and buses into the city. And we liked what the Southampton Highway Superintendent William Masterson told Newsday in terms of what the best case scenario for snow is: "The ideal storm starts at 10 p.m. Saturday, and you have all day Sunday to clean it up." Sadly, Mother Nature is unfamiliar with commuting patterns. But the weekend should warm up, with some forecasts saying Monday will be a balmy 40 degrees. This means wear boots to wade through melting snow!

Image from WNBC