The chance to roam around New York City's major thoroughfares on foot—without cars zipping and honking all through intersections—is a rare treat. In recent years, the DOT's car-free Summer Streets events have proven wildly popular, but they traditionally don't happen until August. To tide you over until then, the city is exiling motorists for a "Car Free Earth Day" on Saturday.

Since 2016, the event has imagined what the city's streets might be like for residents if gas-guzzling death traps weren't ubiquitously growling nearby. This year, it's happening again on April 27th, the Saturday following Earth Day.

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Broadway between Times Square and Union Square will be inaccessible for motorists, as will Saint Nicholas Avenue between 181st Street and 190th Street from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. That means that you can walk, jog, sprint, cycle, skate, rollerblade, unicycle or whatever else down some of the city's busiest arteries on the dang street.

You can also participate in the many activities the city's offering that day along car free blocks, ranging from an all-day Times Square dance festival to a historical walking tour of Union Square and Gramercy Park. On 186th St and 187th Street, people will be able to swap clothes and learn how to repair household items during the Swap, Shop, and Repair Fair. Citi Bike is also offering free one-day passes on Broadway and Saint Nicholas Avenues, in case you're thinking about taking up biking as the warm weather's around the corner.

That on Saturday, all five boroughs will host their Weekend Walk block parties. You can check out the full list of programming here.