Oh, rats: when they're not fleeing Canada on a mysterious ghost ship or plotting a subway train takeover, they're probably rummaging through your trash bins and judging you for all your empty Easy Mac packets. Now, the city's got a handy rat map to show you just how many little critters are hanging out in your area, so you can determine whether or not you should be investing in rodent-repelling latex pajamas.

The interactive map, beautifully dubbed the Rat Informational Portal (R.I.P.), allows you to search by borough, address, block number, and zip code to pull up inspection results and rat violations from the past few years. You can type in your own address to see how your block has fared, or check out your friends' places to prove that their sweet Lower East Side duplex is really a playground for the dreaded Rattus norvegicus. Endless fun for all!

Do note, though, that this lovely little tool only indicates rats and rat evidence uncovered during city inspections, and doesn't denote individual rat sightings—for those, you'll need to consult this map of 311 rat sighting reports. Though your apartment building may seem spotless when the Department of Health comes calling, there's still a chance all those clever rodents have learned to lie in wait at a neighboring abode, readying themselves for the moment the inspector bids the landlord farewell before scurrying back to their rent-stabilized home.

This is why we need David Lynch to be making more rat PSAs.