The Landmarks Preservation Commission has approved plans for a 1,350-foot residential tower at 107 West 57th Street that has a higher roof than the Empire State Building. Plutocrats sipping biodynamic wine from diamond-encrusted Alpaca skulls way on the top floors will have the privilege of sneering down at that short, squat old Empire State Building, because the glass tower's roofline will ultimately be 100 feet higher than the ESB. (The ESB will still technically be taller, because it's 1,454 feet high with its spire.)

And it's not just taller and younger and trendier and closer to Central Park and into cooler bands than the ESB, at just 60 feet wide it will be skinnier too. “It may be the skinniest building ever,” Gregg Pasquarelli, principal at SHoP Architects, tells the Daily News. “The ratio is something like 25-to-1."

The building's footprint is on the site of the landmarked Steinway Building property, which will also be restored as part of the project. (Curbed reports the tower will go up in the Steinway Building's back courtyard.) When completed in 2016, it will accommodate 100 apartments, but probably fewer assuming it goes on another one of its crazy Master Cleanses.