432 Park Avenue's already conquered the United States, having earned the distinction of being the country's tallest residential skyscraper. Today, the monstrous Midtown building will officially tower over the rest of the Western Hemisphere when its final floor gets poured in, finally topping out at 1396 feet. Bid farewell to your tans, Sheep Meadow sunbathers.

Naturally, this veritable Tower of Babel will serve as a haven for rich people and their under-taxed overseas cash—available condominiums start at $16.95 million, a mere pittance for their proximity to the 4,5,6 trains.

The building is comprised of 104 of these luxury residences, in addition to a private restaurant, outdoor garden, spa and fitness center, swimming pool, library, lounge, billiards room, screening room, performance venue and children's playroom, and private wine cellars are available for purchase. Once you purchase an apartment here, you will never need to leave it, or perhaps you'll never live in it in the first place.

Even if you can't afford a 432 Park Avenue address, you should befriend someone who can before the building debuts next year. Those rooftop views are sick.