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The Reddit users have dug up what some believe is a pre-9/11 ad for osteoarthritis. It shows fragile bones inside of the Twin Towers, with a plane aimed at them. The ad copy reads: "Everyone thinks that their joints are safe and strong until one day osteoarthritis collapses them." (With the word "osteoarthritis" written across the body of the plane.)

The ad appears to be real, but it's unclear when it came out. One Reddit poster notes, "I remember seeing that a year or two after 9/11, checking the release date, then re-checking the release date again because it was so close to what happened I couldn't believe it came out about half a year prior. Maybe they discovered time travel and tried to warn us. It's the only logical explanation, clearly!" However, other posters believe it came out after 9/11, one noting, that it's "from India, and is very likely post 9/11."

Maybe the ad team got the idea from Cookie Monster? [via Buzzfeed]