muggings.jpgRobberies are down a little more than 8% from a year ago, but the New York Post reports that some spots around town have seen stunning jumps in the incidence rate of muggings. In 18 of 76 precincts in NYC, robberies are heading up rather than down, like in the rest of the city. Assaults, however, are static citywide--increasing from 15,025 to 15,097 which is statistically insignificant.

The increase in robberies is anomalous mostly because NYC has become so safe recently. A graphic designer from Berkeley, CA recounted her first years in New York shortly after moving here in 1989: "I remember I got mugged about twice a week when I lived in the East Village." Some tips on what to do to prevent a mugging includes giving robbers whatever they want.

This year, man proposing to his girlfriend in Central Park was stopped by a mugger, a number of Williamsburg residents were being mugged and senior citizens were targeted by one mugger in Queens. Nicole duFresne was infamously murdered after challenging muggers in the East Village during a robbery. Oprah Winfrey recently was criticized by the 'Central Park Jogger,' over Winfrey's question about whether she should have ventured into Central Park after dark, where she was viciously attacked and raped.