It's a bird, it's a...crane! Sorry, let's try that again.

In order to build obscenely tall buildings, you have to have an obscenely tall crane. The 220-foot monster used to build the skyscraper at 111 West 57th Street is the tallest freestanding crane in New York's history. Wow! Forget those photos of Pluto. Marvel at this magnificent human achievement instead.

When done, the building will top off at 1,428 feet tall, making it the "skinniest" skyscraper "on the planet," New York YIMBY reports. Bully for us! It will stand just a few dozen feet taller than 432 Park Avenue.

The developer JDS also sent the following statement to the website:

Over the weekend, JDS’s construction team successfully erected the tower crane for 111 West 57th​ Street​. It is the tallest freestanding crane in the history of NYC at over 220 feet tall, perched adjacent to​ ​Steinway Hall. The crane will ​​help the building begin its climb to 1428​ ​feet.

Cool, I guess.