2006_02_fortunecookie.jpgOf all the borough presidents to get a risque fortune cookie, of course it would be Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz. At a Chinese New Year feast at Ming Gee restaurant, the fortune cookies fortunes were apparently very naughty. The Daily News didn't reprint any of them, except "One good [expletive] deserves another," and though the restaurant received the special, proper-for-public-event fortunes from Dai Hing Lee earlier (with gems like "Brooklyn: In your face and in your heart"), there may have been a mix-up in deliveries from another fortune cookie company. One guest thought the dirty fortunes could have been for a bachelor party, which Gothamist supposes, but having a sexy fortune sort of negates the point of the "...in bed" game. Besides, fortunes in fortune cookies these days are more bromides than actual fortunes.

The New Yorker interviewed a fortune cookie fortune writer last year (“Don’t have too complicated a mind. Think in ten-word sentences.”). And there was that classic Simpsons episode where Homer became a fortune writer for a spell.